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State Branches
Navy League (Junior) Cadets - ASCC

STATE BRANCHES - Responsible to State Division

Marmion Dolphins
Bunbury Junior Cadets

These Navy League Branches served as the organisational and legal protection structure for the parent interest groups who actively support the aims & objectives of the League, the League's Junior Cadets and also the Royal Australian Navy's (RAN) local community Naval Reserve Cadet (NRC) units.
These NRC units were, prior to 1973, the 13 to 19 year old Navy League's Australian Sea Cadet Corps(ASCC).
In 1973, by mutual arrangement with the Navy league , the R.A.N. formed the NRC and took over the sponsorship and training of these civilian based youth training units.
They agreed to continue the work of the Navy League who had formed the ASCC to encourage 13-19 year old young people in a love of the sea with its many attractions and to also provide training in helpful aspects of personal discipline, teamwork and other character building objectives.
The 13 to 19 year old members of all ASCC units in 1973 enrolled in the RAN's new NRC organisation which provides similar practical assistance by continuing to encourage training of young people with maritime interests.

The Navy League commends the Federal Government and the Royal Australian Navy for this ongoing support of maritime education for young people as it believes that it is another way to build Australian maritime awareness as an island nation.


Geraldton: E Beckwith, 2 Petchell Street, Rangeway, WA 6530.

Albany: D Bray, Lot 46 Frederick Street, Gledhow, via Albany, WA 6330.
Communications: Address: P.O.Box 735, Fremantle, Western Australia,

Navy League of Australia - Western Australia
JUNIOR CADETS 11-13 year olds

The Dolphins and Junior Cadets ceased to function by 2005.

All the previous Junior unit leaders are thanked for their dedication and untiring work for these young people but the groups were both closed by 2005 due to a number of insurmountable difficulties arising.


Venue: TS Marmion
Senior Officer: Leut Daryl Dunlop ASCC
Address: P.O.Box 550, Hillaries, Western Australia 6923
Tel: 08 9246 3246

NLA BUNBURY - Junior Cadets

Venue: TS Bunbury
Senior Officer: Leut Norm Hart ASCC
Address: P.O.Box 1019, Bunbury, Western Australia 6231
Tel: 08 97218 8422



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