STATE BRANCHES are responsible to the State Division
They serve as the organisational and legal protection structure for the parent interest groups who actively support the aims & objectives of the Navy League and also support the Royal Australian Navy's (RAN) local Naval Reserve Cadet (NRC) units.
These NRC units were, prior to 1973, the Navy League's Australian Sea Cadet Corps(ASCC). In 1973, by mutual arrangement with the Navy league , the R.A.N. formed the NRC and took over the sponsorship and training of these civilian based youth training units. They agreed to continue the work of the Navy League who had formed the ASCC to encourage 14-18 year old young people in a love of the sea with its many attractions and to also provide training in helpful aspects of personal discipline, teamwork and other character building objectives. The members of all ASCC units in 1973 enrolled in the RAN's new NRC organisation which provided practical assistance to continue encouraging the maritime training of young people.
The Navy League commends the Government, the Royal Australian Navy and the Department of Defence for this ongoing support of maritime education for Australian young people as it believes that it greatly benefits Australia as a nation.

All NRC Units in Victoria have now discarded the previous Navy League Branch structure and have developed independent parent support groups for each NRC unit. This is considered unfortunate for the present parent groups do not have any real say in what happens in the NRC Unit and their prime function seems to be to provide financial support for the Unit through its Senior Cadet Officer. The Navy League Branch structure provides a good legal basis for parents to utilise as a support for the Cadet Unit and the Victorian Navy League believes that this was the orginal intention at the time of separation in 1972. In view of this the League has changed its Company ASrtisles to allow the formation of SPECIAL BRANCHES as follows:

Navy League of Australia - Changes to Articles of Association.

(as from 1st July 2002)

Clause 193A
Where in any particular city or town in Australia there is formed an association (whether incorporated or unincorporated) the principal purpose of which is the support of an Australian Navy Cadet Unit ("Unit") in that city or town, that association may apply to the Executive Committee of the Division responsible for the State or Territory in which the city or town is located (the "Responsible Executive Committee") for a special purpose accreditation ("Special Purpose Accreditation") as a Branch of the League and the following provisions shall apply.
(a) the Responsible Executive Committee shall make such enquiries as in its absolute discretion it deems necessary to satisfy itself as to the merits of the application for Special Purpose Accreditation as a Branch;
(b) if the Responsible Executive Committee shall in its absolute discretion consent to the Special Purpose Accreditation it shall thereupon request the Federal Council to issue a Certificate of Accreditation to the relevant Branch which shall be in such form as the Federal Council shall from time to time determine;
(c) the Federal Council may in its absolute discretion determine at any time to withdraw a Special Purpose Accreditation;
(d) a Branch of the League accredited under this Article (an" Accredited Branch") shall upon its accreditation furnish to the Federal Council a signed acknowledgement of the conditions applicable to the accreditation in such form as the Federal Council shall from time to time in its absolute discretion determine;
(e) any Accredited Branch shall be entitled to call itself a Branch of the League provided the Branch title includes the name of the city or town in which the Accredited Branch is located or, if there is more than one Branch in that city or town, another identifying feature such as the name of the Unit. The name of the Accredited Branch shall be subject to the prior approval of the Federal Council;
(f) an Accredited Branch shall not form part of the corporate structure of the League, its assets or liabilities (if any) shall not form part of the assets or liabilities of the League and the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the League shall not apply to it except to the extent of the provisions of this Article 193A;
(g) the committee of an Accredited Branch shall regulate its own affairs subject to its conforming in all respects with the provisions of this Article 193A and the conditions issued by the Federal Council pursuant to paragraph (d);
(h) an Accredited Branch shall not be entitled to enter into contracts nor make any binding commitment in the name of the League, nor hold itself out as being part of the corporate structure of the League. Any attempt to do so is hereby expressly forbidden;
(i) an Accredited Branch shall not do any act, nor make any statement which mayor may be likely to bring the name of the League into disrepute;
(j) individual or corporate membership of an Accredited Branch does not thereby confer upon such individual or corporation membership of the League. Members of an Accredited Branch are, however, encouraged to become members of the League in their own right;
(k) each accredited Branch shall furnish to its Responsible Executive Committee in each calendar year an annual report showing the work done by the Accredited Branch in support of its Unit during the 12 months preceding the date of the report;
(I) each Accredited Branch shall furnish to its Responsible Executive Committee in each calendar year a certified statement of the accounts of the Branch for the 12 months preceding the date of the statement;
(m) each Accredited Branch shall pay to its Responsible Executive Committee within 3 months after 31 March in each year a contribution made up to:

. . . . (i) such sum for the supply of 'The Navy' to the Accredited Branch as may be determined from time to time by the Federal Council; and
. . . . (ii) such sum by way of an Accredited Branch administration fee as may be determined by the Federal Council based on the number of members of the Accredited Branch from time to time; and

(n) the provisions of Articles 44 (a), 44 (e), 65, 68.72, 111, 114, 137-193 and 200 shall not apply to Accredited Branches

January 1999


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