TS KYBRA Training Ship (TS) KYBRA, under the command of LEUT George Starcevich, NRC was recognised on the 1 "July 2000.

The official dedication ceremony took place at TS KYBRA in Esperance on Saturday 8th.July 2000 when a drum corps, drawn from cadets of several units around the state and TS MARMION, paraded the State Colour.
They arrived on transport provided by HMAS STIRLING -a 22-seater bus and a 50-seater coach. In all 120 NRC Staff and cadets, drawn from Naval Reserve Cadet (NRC) Corps Training Ship's KYBRA, VANCOUVER, MANDURAH, ANZAC, PERTH, MARMION and CHALLENGER showed the flag. Twenty-five visiting cadets were billeted out with local families and the remainder were billeted at a local residential college.

Royal Australian Navy was represented by:
Commander Vincenzo Di Pietro, RAN, Commanding Officer HMAS STIRLING.
Naval Reserve Cadet Corps was represented by:
NRC National Commander, Captain Gavin Reeves, NRC,
NRC Senior Officer for Western Australia, Commander Jim 0Neill, NRC,
Other VIPs were:
His Worship The Esperance Shire President, Mr Ian McKel.
Mr Arthur Hewitt JP, President, Western Australian Division of Navy League of Australia, a long time supporter of Cadets Units in WA.

A very professional presentation was seen as the Naval Reserve Cadets paraded before the Reviewing Officer CMDR Di Pietro, who afterwards inspected Divisions and Band and presented TS KYBRA's Commanding Officer, Lieutenant George Starcevich, NRC, with a Minute that conferred recognition of the Unit together with an NRC Ensign. CAPT Gavin Reeves NRC, The National NRC Commander, then proceeded to present TS KYBRA with its official certificate of recognition. The townspeople of Esperance are especially proud of their NRC unit, having promoted and supported its formation from the beginning and were now very pleased to see the fruit of their efforts.
The Councillors of the Shire of Esperance, granted TS KYBRA the historic right to exercise 'Freedom of Entry' to the town of Esperance, and now the new NRC Unit TS KYBRA prepared to exercise that right for the first time.
After the presentations the divisions reformed for the ceremonial 'Freedom of Entry' march through the main street of Esperance. The drum corps of the NRC led the divisions, followed by the cadets of TS KYBRA, then the Colour Party followed divisions of visiting cadets. The NRC march was traditionally challenged in the main street by the Senior State Police Officer of Esperance and after reading the scroll granting Freedom of Entry he allowed the procession to pass. The reviewing Officer, CMDR Di Pietro RAN, took the salute as the parade marched past the Returned and Services League Hall, where the new NRC Ensign was flying at the main mast. The parade was followed by a civic reception by the Shire of Esperance in the Council's Civic Centre where all celebrated this occasion. Even though defence does not have an official representative in Esperance this was estimated to be one of the largest military type parades marching in Esperance in recent years.











































































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