The Navy League is dismayed by repeated calls for "an Australian Coast Guard" when the country already has an efficient coastal surveillance/ interception organisation that happens to be called "Coastwatch" instead of the more usual "Coast Guard" used by several other countries.
Too Few Australians seem to appreciate the magnitude of their country's ocean surrounds or the number of government departments and agencies with both maritime and land-based interests and responsibilities - Customs, Immigration, Fisheries and of course Defence to name but a few.
The problem of policing our so-called "moat" has been under almost constant examination for more than 30 years. A major weakness until mid 1999 was the failure to establish an acceptable authority to co-ordinate the activities and resources of the various departments involved, even though the need was recognised, in particular by the Hudson Inquiry in 1988.
The deficiencies in co-ordination were rectified in 1999 following an inquiry into current surveillance arrangements ordered by the Prime Minister. Among measures designed to strengthen the existing organisation in a 4 year program, the position of Director General Coastwatch was created and an experienced senior naval officer seconded from Defence to till the position. In a relative short time the Director General, with a tiny staff and the administrative support of the Customs Department, has brought together the various elements concerned ar1d established an organisation other countries would call a Coast Guard. The result has been that the number of illegal vessels slipping through the Coastwatch net is less than 5 per cent.
The Navy League believes that while lessons can be learned from the experience of others, Australia must construct its own organisation to suit its own circumstances and its own level of available resources, human and material. Coastwatch is basically sound and nothing is to be gained by forming new departments or agencies or messing about with the Armed Forces. The way to go is to improve what we already have in being.

Authorised by: Geoffrey Evans Chairman Advisory Council Navy League of Australia.
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